This is a question that even Tarot readers often debate. What is the right technique? For example, should an upside down card mean the opposite – or should it make no difference to a reader’s insights?

Ultimately, doing Tarot the right way only comes with much experience and a great deal of intuition.

Tarot is as individual as you

If I were to compare Tarot to anything, it would possibly be handwriting. No matter who taught you, or how you learned, your handwriting in unique to you. Tarot is much the same.

There are no two Tarot readers who will use exactly the same technique. But that doesn’t mean they will be any less accurate or genuine.

Tarot comes from within

After almost thirty years being involved in the world of Tarot, and at least third generation reader, I can, hand on heart, tell you that my technique would be different to the one used by my father or his mother before him.

Why? Because a true Tarot reader reads from within. The cards are simply a guide to where we need to go to complete the journey on someone’s behalf – the person who has come to consult us.

The method psychics use to get to where we need to go will be as individual as a fingerprint, but the destination will always be the same.

How do you distinguish a bad Tarot reading from a good one?

How do you know if someone is not a genuine reader, or if they are making it up as they go along? Mostly, this will come through your natural intuition, but the following should be taken as warning signs:

(1) A reader should be clear in what he or she is saying.
(2) The reader should not be constantly fishing for information from you.
(3) The reader should not have to refer to any books during a reading.
(4) Readers should be confident in their delivery of what they say.
(5) The reader should speak like a person, not a machine.

But remember, some of what is said may not make sense straight away. Take it with you and the meaning of the message will unfold over time.

Truth and Tarot

A true Tarot reader will have a relationship with his or her cards similar to the relationship a book-lover will have with a good book that they have read many times’ over.

He or she will enjoy the process as much as the person for whom they are reading, and understand each card as it falls, just as the book reader will understand each plot point as it occurs in a familiar novel. The reader should be confident and caring in the guidance and the delivery of a message.

Trust your instincts

At the end of the day, your instincts will guide you. They will tell you if you -or someone who is reading for you – are doing tarot the right way.